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History & Condition:

The venerable NYC jeweler Charles Keene (1866 - 1947) sold mechanical pencils and fountain pens in his Broadway jewelry store starting in 1881.  This hand made 12k 1-40 gold mechanical pencil does not appear to be a product of the Eclipse Pen Company, based on research, it was intended to be more jewelry then pencil.  The hand made pencil is in very nice condition with a lovely repoussé pattern and no cracks.  The pencil body has some expected surface wear and scratches.  The pencil is stamped KEENE NEW YORK 12K 1-40.  The body has not been polished, so there is some light tarnishing, polish if you wish.  The ring top is solid and in good condition, as shown. The lead advances and retracts.  There is a small piece of lavender colored lead in the pencil, perhaps this was originally the property of NYC's upper class at the turn of the century?

Keene 12k Gold Repoussé Mechanical Pencil - Functional

  • Brand and Year:

    Charles Keene New York City :  c 1881 - 1910






     Gold with repoussé pattern


    3 1/8" long with ring top

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