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Vintage Pens for sale; restored and reconditioned

Welcome to our vintage fountain pen site, Alien Vintage Pens, the ultimate destination in the universe for vintage fountain pen enthusiasts!  We are based in northern Illinois where a trip to downtown Chicago takes about as long as a trip to the moon (not really, but it fits the space theme).  This website is designed to be an enjoyable and easy place to shop, offering a wide range of vintage writing instruments and related items.  All pen listed have been restored to working order, unless specifically stated.  Me and the Alien Crew believe that buying vintage pens should be a fun experience, and we strive to remove the intimidation factor that often comes with it. You are invited to browse around, look at the out of this world pens and pen related items.  Have any questions?  Feel free to reach-out and ask, we are happy to assist you.  To view A.V.P.'s site policies, click


The idea for AVP arose from my passion for collecting, restoring, and selling pens.  We are passionate about selling quality pens and sharing our love for these items with others.  The name "Alien Vintage Pens" comes from the fun and playful alien doodle that I have been drawing for years. All of us at AVP want our customers to have a good time while adding to their vintage fountain pen collection, and we believe that our relaxed approach to pen buying will make that possible. So, come and browse the selection and let us help you find a neat vintage pen or pen-related item for your collection!

Thank you,

Alien Andy

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