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About & Condition:

A New York City company that proliferated in manufacturing very high-quality pens in the 1920's - 1930's.  Producing and selling pens under their own flagship name and producing for Macy's Department stores, sadly, B&H was a casualty of the stock market crash and the depression. 


The pen is in excellent, near mint, overall good condition with very crisp chasing and black color. The pen has no cracks or personalizations.  The ring top has some very light surface wear and a small ding.  The pen has been fully disassembled, carefully cleaned, a new ink sac installed and ink tested.  This beautiful c. 1920's pen is ready to write.

Byers & Hayes 1920's Lever Filler - Chased Hard Rubber

  • Brand and Year:    

    Byers & Hayes New York-  c. 1920's



    Filling System:        

    Lever Filler


    Black chased hard rubber


    4 1/4" long (not including ring top)


    Flexible Fine - This 14k gold B & H nib is in great condition with clear imprints and ample tipping material. The pen has been ink tested and produced a line variation from extra fine to medium-broad.  This nib safely falls between flexible and semi-flex, with a really nice spring-back. A photo of the ink test has ben provided for reference.

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