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Very nice+ condition, with lovely color preservation and clean trim. The only item to note is the lower cap band is missing.  The Conklin imprint has a hint of wear, but is clearly readable. The beautiful pen is fully restored and it's ready for ink.







Conklin Sub-Endura Symetrik - Pearlescent Rose and Gray Mottled

  • A rare and unique pen style, best described by fountain pen guru Dr. David Issacson, Conklins 1920s flat-tops gave way to round-end pens around 1930. The high line Endura became the Endura-Symetrik, eventually yielding to the Nozac. During this era Conklin offered pens priced below the high line Endura and Nozac, pens which had the same general contour, often more bold colors, and often more flexible nibs. These are well appreciated by Conklin aficionados. The [pens are] done in the Endura Symetrik style, but are slender non-Enduras...The red/gray mix for which I've never seen a formal name.

    Brand and Year:

    The Conklin Pen Co. USA c. 1930's

    Filling System:

    Lever Filler


    Pearlescent Rose and Gray mottled, with gold filled trim


    4 15/16" long


    Medium - Conklin Toledo USA 14k gold nib.  Very nice condition with crisp imprints and ample tipping material.  The nib is a semi-flex, it has some line variation with standard writing.

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