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Superior condition. The black color is well preserved with just a hint of color variation.  The chasing and the barrel imprint are nice and crisp.  Both are easily visible and texturally consistent.   Not too many marks and hardly any handwear. The lever has some light wear.  The pen has been cleaned, a new ink sac installed, if fills nicely and is a nice writier - this pen is ready to use.

Crocker Ink-Tite - "Column" BCHR with Gold Ringtop Fountain Pen

  • Brand and Year:

    Crocker, Boston, MA :  c. 1910's. The long lever filler came out in 1913 and is somewhat similar to the hatchet fillers. Crocker later became Chilton before ceasing production in the 1920's.



    Filling System:

    Long lever filler. It is a different form of the lever filler, with a blind cap that is unscrewed to release the lever. The blind cap spins in place and only allows the lever to move in one directly. The blind cap becomes part of the lever and acts as a handle for the motion that fills the sac.


    Black chased hard rubber with "column' pattern and gold ringtop


    4 9/16" long (without ring)


    Fine Flexible - Crocker #4 14k nib. The tines spread nicely for notable line variation. We consider it a mid-to-full flex.  A photo of the ink test has been provided for reference.

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