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Very nice condition, no cracks or personalization. The cap has some light scratches and there is a bit of wear on the edges of the ring top and cap bands. The cap has vibrant color with just a hint of fading. The barrel has some scratches and hand wear, also with vibrant color and the same hint of fading. The lever has some light wear to the plating. There is a small chip on the top of the barrel threads, this is not an issue as the pen's barrel is sleeved. The section has plier marks (not from any alien work, I can assure you) and a chip near the threads. The pen has been cleaned, a new ink sac installed and it's ready for ink.

Eversharp Rosewood Gold Seal Ring Top

  • Brand and Year:    

    Wahl-Eversharp, USA c. 1920's


    Personal-Point Pen Ring Top - Model 6407W

    Filling System:        

    Lever Filler


    Rosewood Red and Black with gold filled trim


    4 3/4" long (without ring)


    Medium - Eversharp USA 14k gold nib.  Very nice condition with crisp imprints and ample tipping material.  The nib is on the firmer side.

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