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Stylographic pens, sometimes referred to as "ink pencils" or "stylos" have a unique writing tip consisting of a fine wire within a small metal tube that regulates the flow of ink.  The tips of the nib system are rounded, so they write much smoother than modern day drafting pens that have flat tip shapes designed to draw a consistent sized line in technical drawings.



The pen is in overall very good condition with vibrant coloring throughout, there are no cracks or personalization. The cap and barrel have some very light surface scratches. The clip is firm and in nice condition, as are the cap band and stylishly engraved lever, as shown in the photos. The barrel imprint is clear and readable.  The pen has been disassembled, cleaned, a new ink sac installed and ink tested.  This stylish pen is ready for you to write.




Inkograph Stylograph Lever Filler Fountain Pen - Red Veined Black & Silver Pearl

  • Brand and Year:

    Inkograph Co. New York -  c. 1930's

    Filling System:

    Lever Filler


    Red veined black and silver pearl with gold trim


    4 7/8" long


    The stylograph nib is fine-medium. The pen has been ink tested and writes very smoothly (unlike my experience with modern technical pen like the Koh-i-noor). This is a fun pen to write with and provides a different feeling then a typical fountain pen nib - in a good way. A photo of the ink test has been included for reference.

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