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The Lady Sheaffer IV Paisley is named for the woolen fabric woven with a pattern of colorful and minutely detailed figures. The pen has a densly tight, repeating engraved gold wave pattern on a Jet enamel finish. Jet black plastic nib section, Sheaffer’s no. 11 black color, and palladium silver nib.  


The pen is in overall very good condition with nice color and a neat paisley weave pattern, there are no cracks or personalization. The pen's nib unit has been ultrasonically cleaned.


Lady Sheaffer Skripsert IV Paisley Fountain Pen

  • Brand and Year:     

    Sheaffer - Fort Madison, IA:  1958 - 1966


    Lady Sheaffer Skripsert IV Paisley

    Filling System:        

    Cartridge (not included)


     Black base with a gold weave paisley pattern


    5 3/8" long


    Fine - The Sheaffer conical shaped palladium silver nib is fine. The nib is in nice condition with clear imprints and ample tipping material, as shown in the photos.

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