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This combo fountain pen and pencil  is in overall very nice condition with a lovely chased sterling silver overly. The cap has a firm clip with a crisp Morrison imprint.  The lever is in lovey condition with a nice Morrison imprint, as shown. The pen has been cleaned, a new ink sac has been installed and the pen has been water tested.  This cool vintage Morrison's pen is ready to use.  The mechanical pencil mechanism advances and retracts the lead.  The pencil cone is clean with a small fracture visible at the connection point, as shown.

Restoration Work:
  • The cap has been brush cleaned
  • Nib and feed ultrasonically cleaned 
  • New ink sac installed with 100% pure medical grade talc
  • The pen has been lightly polished
  • The pen has been tested
  • This pen is ready to use
  • The pencil is loaded and ready to use

Morrison Sterling Silver Overlay Combination Fountain Pen and Pencil

  • Brand and Year:    

    The Morrison Fountain Pen Co., New York  :  c. early 1920's



    Filling System:        

    Lever Filler


    Chased sterling silver overlay with silver trim


    5  5/8" long


    Fine -  The Warranted 14k gold plated nib is in good condition with clear imprints and ample tipping material, as shown. The pen has been water tested filled nicely.

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