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Very nice+ overall condition with no cracks or personalization. There is some light hand wear on the barrel . The gold-filled clip, cap band and lever are in good condition with minimal wear and brassing. The barrel imprint is partially readable, as shown. The barrel end is threaded for posting. The pen has been cleaned, a new ink sac installed and it's ready for ink.

National Security Rosemary "Remembrance" Fountain Pen - Hard Rubber Woodgrain

  • This pen was manufactured in England in the early to mid-1920's as a sub-brand of the National Security. Vague references state the pens were actually outsource manufacture by Conway Stewart . The pen's name is a reference to a line from William Shakespeare's Hamlet. The Danish noblewoman and potential bride of Hamlet states, “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance”. Those cheeky Brits, Monty Python, Benny Hill and fountain pens named after literary classics!

    Brand and Year:

    National Security sub-brand, England c. late 1920's


    Rosemary "That's for Remembrance"

    Filling System:



    Red molted hard rubber


    4 5/8" long


    Fine 14k gold Warranted "1st Quality" nib. Excellent condition with ample tipping material. I would not call this a flex nib, but it does have a nice bit of springiness to it.


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