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The pen and pencil are in overall very good condition with a nice coloring, there are no cracks or personalization. The pen's cap and barrel have some light surface scratches, as shown. The clip is firm and in nice condition with a few micro surface scratches, the cap jewel is firm and in good condition, as shown. The pen has been flushed clean and water tested.  The pencil's cap and barrel have some minor surface scratches, as shown.  The pencil advances the lead as designed.  There is a vintage eraser in the pencil.  The case is in vintage condition with wear and loose elastic, as shown.

Parker 51 MKIII Demi Cocoa Aerometric Fountain Pen and Pencil Set

  • Brand and Year:

    Parker Pen Janesville, WI - USA : Q1 - 1951 barrel code


    MKIII - 51 Demi

    Filling Systems:

    Pen      = Aerometric

    Pencil =  Cap actuated "click" advance


    Cocoa with lustraloy trim


    Pen     = 5 1/4" long

    Pencil = 4 3/4" long

    Medium - The unique Parker 51 hooded nib is medium.  The nib is in good condition with ample tipping material, as shown.  


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