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The pen is in very nice condition with multiple tones of golden brown in the classic Vacumatic pattern with above average visibility (as shown) in the barrel, there are no cracks or personalization.  The major cap band is in lovely condition, the blue diamond split arrow clip is firm, the blue diamond paint is clean and the black cap jewel has no chips. The barrel imprint is clear and readable with a barrel date of “4”, as shown.  The pen has been throughly cleaned, a new diaphragm has been installed, the section threads properly sealed, it has been water and ink tested.  This classic pen fills great and it's ready for ink.


Restoration Work:

  • The cap has been brush cleaned
  • Nib, feed and breather tube have been ultrasonically cleaned 
  • A new diaphragm has been installed
  • Threads properly sealed
  • The pen has been lightly polished
  • The pen has been water and ink tested
  • This pen is ready to write

Parker Vacumatic Major Fountain Pen - Golden Pearl

  • Brand and Year:

    Parker Pen, Janesville, WI -  1944 barrel date


    Vacumatic - Major

    Filling System:

    Vacumatic - Wartime filling unit


    Golden pearl with gold trim, blue diamond clip, black jewel


    5 1/8" long


    Medium Fine - the Parker Arrow 14k gold nib is in nice condition with crisp imprints, ample tipping material and a hint of surface wear.  The pen has been ink tested and produced a clean, wet medium-fine line.  Another example of a lovely writing Parker Vacumatic.  A photo of the ink test is provided for reference.

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