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The pencil is in overall very good condition with nice coloring, no cracks, the pencil has a name inscription on the barrel. The cap and barrel have some very light surface scratches. The golden arrow clip is in nice condition, the emerald pearl striped cap jewel is in nice condition, the clip does rotate and could use a bit of tightening. The three cap bands are clean and tight to the cap. The vintage eraser has wear and is firm. The barrel imprint is readable, the barrel date is "6".  The Parker lead cartridge has some wear and a vintage eraser. The pen advances and retracts the lead, as designed.  The pencil is loaded with lead and ready to write.

Parker Vacumatic Mechanical Pencil - Emerald Pearl

  • Brand and Year:

    Parker Pen, Janesville, WI - USA - "6" barrel code






    Emerald pearl with gold trim


    5" long (10.4mm girth at cap bands)

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