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The pen is in overall very nice condition with an interesting chased pattern, there are no cracks or personalization. The barrel and cap have some light wear, with the barrel ends demonstrating some brassing, as shown.  The cap has a firm ring top.  The lever has some wear and light brassing.  The lever is on the short side and is only sligntly larger then the opening which makes grasping it a bit of a challenge.  The pen has been cleaned, a new ink sac has also been installed and the pen has been ink tested.  This classic 1920's era pen is ready for you to add some ink and start writing.


Restoration Work:

  • The cap has been brush cleaned
  • Nib and feed have been ultrasonically cleaned 
  • New ink sac installed with 100% pure medical grade talcum powder
  • The pen has been lightly polished
  • The pen has been water and ink tested
  • This pen is ready to write

Sheaffer Gold Filled Self-Filling Ring Top Fountain Pen

  • Brand and Year:

    Sheaffer, Fort Madison, IA :  c.  early-to-mid 1920's


    Self Filling

    Filling System:



    Marine green and nickel trim


    3  15/16" long - without the ring top


    Fine - The Sheaffer #3 size, 14k gold nib is in excellent condition with crisp, clear imprints and ample tipping material, as shown.  The pen has been ink tested and was a nice little writer, producing a fine, smooth, wet line.  A photo of the ink test has been provided for reference.

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