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The pen and pencil are both in very nice overall condition with rich Persian blue coloring on the barrels, wave patterned steel caps and gold accent hardware, there are no cracks or personalizations.   The caps and barrels have some micro surface scratches. The barrel imprints are clear and readable, as shown.  The clips are firm, the clips and cap bands have some typical very light wear.  The pen has been ultrasonically cleaned and ink tested.  The pencil is loaded with lead and has a lightly worn vintage eraser, as shown.  The pen and pencil are both ready for use.  The case is in used, vintage condition with some light wear, light staining and price tag residue on the top, refer to photos.

Sheaffer Lifetime Tuckaway Sentinel 1500 Fountain Pen and Mechanical Pencil

  • Brand and Year:     

    Sheaffer - Fort Madison, IA:  late 1930's - early 1940's

    The early versions of this pen had the white dot placement on the end of the barrel.  Later models subsequently had the white dot placed on the more familiar location, above the clip


    Sentinel - Tuckaway 

    Sentinel represents the plastic body and steel cap with gold trim

    Tuckaway is the style of pen, small size, small clip


    Vacuum filler

    Twist advance/retract pencil


    Persian blue with gold trim


    4 1/2" long - pen

    4"        long - pencil


    Medium - Sheaffer's Triumph conical masked 14k gold. The nib is in lovely condition with crisp imprints and ample tipping material, as shown.  The pen has been ink tested, it provided a smooth and wet medium sized line.  A photo of the test has been provided for reference.

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