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The pen is in overall very good condition with a nice rich red colored barrel and black tail, there are no cracks or personalization on the pen. The barrel and tail of the pen has light surface scratches and wear.  The tail has a slight curve to it.  The barrel inscription is clear and readable, as shown.  The pen base has nice white coloring on the lower glass portion and a black resin material on the top with a few small marks and light wear. The unit appears complete and clean, as shown. 


Restoration Work:

  • Nib and feed have been ultrasonically cleaned
  • Pen has been lightly polished
  • Base unit has been cleaned

Vintage Esterbrook Dip-Less Desk Fountain Pen Set No.444 - Red Pen

  • Brand and Year:

    Esterbrook Pen Co. USA c. 1940's


    No.444 Dip-Less Fountain Well Desk Set

    Filling System:

    Dip style


    Pearl red and black pen with glass and black resin base


    Pen:    5 3/4" long

    Base:  4 1/4" diameter and 1 1/2" tall


    The Esterbrook Renew Point 1555 Gregg stainless steel nib is fine.  The nib is in good condition with clear imprints, ample tipping material, and some surface scratches, as shown.

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