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This is a rare 1920's Sheaffer 2 oz. bottle of Green Skrip ink and its vintage box.  The bottle is partially filled with old dried ink.  The top is firm, it may or may not come off.  The nearly 100-year old cork may be damaged if forced, remove at your own peril.  The box has a missing and torn top flaps, wear, its a bit musty and has general signs of age - so will you when you get close to 100-years old.  The box measures approximately 3 5/16" tall x 2" wide x 2" deep.   Being almost 100-years old, the box is fragile and therefore the box and bottle are being sold "as-is", we will ship in a carefully packaged ECT rated box. Due to the nature of this item, it is not returnable, so please ask any questions prior to purchasing.



Vintage Sheaffer's 1920s Skrip 2 oz Ink bottle - Green

  • Brand and Year:     

    Sheaffer - Fort Madison, IA:  c. 1920's




    Box is 3 1/2" tall x 2" wide x 2" deep  


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