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This Waterman 52 1/2V is in very nice overall condition with minimal color variation, and light wear on the barrel and cap chasing, the gold filled hardware is lovely.  The 1/2" gold-filled cap band has the artistically engraved initials RK on it, the gold filled ring top is firm, the cap has a couple larger chips to the band, as shown  The WATERMAN'S IDEAL FOUNTAIN PEN barrel imprints have a bit of wear, they are readable.     This lovely pen has been cleaned, a new ink sac installed, it has been ink tested and it's ready for use.


Restoration Work:

  • The pen has been fully disassembled for cleaning
  • The cap has been brush cleaned
  • Nib and feed have been ultrasonically cleaned & polished
  • A new ink sac has been installed with 100% pure medical grade talcum powder
  • The pen has been water and ink tested
  • The pen has been lightly polished
  • This pen is ready to use

Waterman 52 1/2V CBHR 14k Jewelers Band Fountain Pen

  • Brand and Year:    

    L.E. Waterman Company, New York  - c. early 1920's


    0852 1/2V (0 = gold filled, 8 = cap band, 5 = lever filler, 2 = nib size, 1/2 = slender, V = short/pocket size)

    Filling System:



    Black chased hard rubber with gold filled trim


    4 1/4" long (not including the ring top)


    Fine Flex - The Waterman Ideal 14k gold nib is in excellent condition with crisp, clear imprints and ample tipping material.  This is a springy, flexible nib, that easily provided considerable line variation during its ink testing.  A photo of the ink test has been provided for reference.

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