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This Waterman 52 1/2V is in very nice overall condition with nice consistent coloring and no cracks or personalization. The barrel and cap have some light wear and surface scratches.  The gold filled ring top is firm and the cap band has a hint of wear, as shown  The WATERMAN'S IDEAL FOUNTAIN PEN barrel imprints are readable with light wear, as shown.  The barrel 52 1/2 V is readable and it retains some of the original red color.  This lovely pen has been cleaned, a new ink sac has been installed, it's been ink tested and it's ready for use.


Restoration Work:

  • The pen has been fully disassembled for cleaning
  • The cap has been brush cleaned
  • Nib and feed have been ultrasonically cleaned
  • A new ink sac has been installed with 100% pure medical grade talc
  • The pen has been water and ink tested
  • The pen has been lightly polished
  • This pen is ready to use

Waterman 52 1/2V Ring Top Fountain Pen - Black

  • Brand and Year:    

    L.E. Waterman Company, New York  - c. early 1920's


    52 1/2V (5 = lever filler, 2 = nib size, 1/2 = slender, V = short/pocket size)

    Filling System:



    Black with gold filled trim


    4 1/4" long (not including the ring top)


    Fine Flex - The Waterman Ideal 14k gold nib is in nice condition with crisp, clear imprints and ample tipping material.  This is a springy, flexible nib, that provided some line variation during its ink testing.  A photo of the ink test has been provided for reference.

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